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Alternative curriculum

Alternative curriculum pathways for disengaged students: The Foundation Learning Tier programme provides flexible learning programmes for young people and adults at Entry level and level 1. It’s one of the four qualification suites for 14–19 year-old learners alongside GCSEs, Diplomas and Apprenticeships. Foundation Learning programmes combine subject or vocational learning with functional skills, personal and social development. They offer learners choice and the opportunity to specialise – and a clear path towards level 2 qualifications or other goals. The government requires all local authorities to provide some Foundation Learning to 14–19 year-olds by September 2010, with Foundation Learning replacing Key Stage 4 Engagement and Entry to Employment programmes over 2009/10, and rollout complete by 2013. We have worked on pilot programmes since 2008-9 and have established clear personalised curriculum pathways using the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

Services include: